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North Dakota Ethanol & Corn Industries Say Year-Round E15 Benefits Customers, Agriculture and Fuel Retailers
Bismarck, N.D. — North Dakota’s ethanol and corn industries applaud the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement today that retailers will be able to sell E15, a blend of gasoline and 15 percent ethanol, year-round. E15 is government approved for all conventional light-duty vehicles, model 2001 and newer. These vehicles make up 90 percent of the light-duty vehicles on the road today.
Both industries agree year-round E15 sales will provide a safe, economical choice for consumers, stability for rural America and regulatory relief for fuel retailers.
“We are appreciative of today’s announcement to grant authority to market E15 throughout the year,” says Jeff Zueger, chairman of the North Dakota Ethanol Council. “This is a sign of President Trump’s dedication to providing choice and cost savings at the pump for consumers, additional certainty for the nation’s ethanol and agricultural industries and relief of a regulatory barrier for fuel retailers.”
“The Administration is providing a cost-effective option for consumers by removing regulatory obstacles for fuel retailers,” says Gerald Bachmeier, president of the North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association. “North Dakota’s ethanol industry is dedicated to working with the state’s retailers to expand the availability of higher-level ethanol blends, like E15, to provide North Dakotans with an economical fuel, improved environment and enhanced rural economy.”
“The economic impact of the ethanol industry on the state’s rural economy is significant with more than $623 million in direct economic impact per year,” says Terry Wehlander, chairman of the North Dakota Corn Utilization Council. “The expansion of E15 is important to our local communities. This announcement is a high point during a time when agriculture is faced with numerous challenges.”
“North Dakota’s five ethanol plants purchase 40-60 percent of the state’s corn crop annually providing a significant value-added market opportunity for North Dakota’s agricultural producers,” says Randy Melvin, president of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association. “Expanding the availability of E15 creates more market stability when the agriculture industry is struggling with a number of significant uncertainties.”

Press Release by: ND Ethanol Council and ND Corn Utilization Council