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Midwest AgEnergy Hosts Legislative Leaders at Dakota Spirit

Midwest AgEnergy Hosts Legislative Leaders at Dakota Spirit

Midwest AgEnergy in conjunction with the North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association  hosted legislative leaders at the Dakota Spirit ethanol plant near Spiritwood, ND on Tuesday.  The purpose of the event was to inform state leaders about the impact biorefineries, and the ethanol it produces, has on their communities and the state.

“As owner of two biorefineries in North Dakota, Blue Flint and Dakota Spirt, Midwest AgEnergy adds jobs to the communities, a market for local producers to send their products and revenue to local and state governments,” said Midwest AgEnergy CEO, Jeff Zueger. “All of these benefits are in addition to the high-quality ethanol and dry-distillers grain we produce.”

Legislators from across the state took a tour of the facility and then were presented information to share with their constituents regarding the benefits of ethanol, including:
  • The North Dakota ethanol industry contributes $623 million annually to the state’s economy. In addition, state and local tax revenues contribute more than $11 million annually.
  • North Dakota ethanol plants employ more than 230 workers directly in high-paying positions such as chemists, engineers, accountants, and managers, as well as, support staff.
  • Plants purchase the majority of their corn from North Dakota farmers and sell distillers grains to North Dakota livestock producers.
  • The five North Dakota ethanol plants have the capacity to produce 520 million gallons of ethanol per year, which is more than five times the production a decade ago.
  • North Dakota ethanol plants use 160-180 million bushels of corn annually with more than 80 percent of the corn purchased from North Dakota farmers. Forty to 60 percent of North Dakota’s total corn production annually is purchased by North Dakota ethanol plants.