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Click  HERE For Dakota Spirit Traffic Flow Instructions
Dakota Spirit Scaleroom:  701.442.7541
Call before arriving 

Thank you

Delivery Hours

*Due to weather conditions, there will be No Corn Receiving before 10:00am on Monday, January 28th*
Please call 701-442-7575 prior to bringing in corn on Monday.

CORN* Contracts need to be signed and returned as soon as possible
Monday- Friday 7am - 3pm 
ENOGEN Corn Only on Wednesdays

SCHEDULED CORN ONLY if you can't haul please let us know. Thank You!
DDG Loading*
  • Monday - Friday 7am-3pm

MDG Loading*

  • 24/7- Must be scheduled at least  24 hours in advance. Loads not picked up on schedule will need to be re-scheduled.


  • 24/7 with valid load number


           Monday-Friday 9am-3pm