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2018 Winners

Midwest AgEnergy 2018 Scholarship Winners

Midwest AgEnergy is honored to announce it has awarded two, $1,000 scholarships to high school students pursuing higher education. Each student attended high school near each of its biorefineries.

The first recipient is Macey Ziesch, of Pingree-Buchanan High School near Jamestown. Ziesch will attend Bismarck State College this fall to study Agronomy and Agribusiness. Growing up on a farm near Pingree, Ziesch has always been around farming and ranching. She has always wanted to pursue a degree in farm and ranch management.

“By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus more on the important aspect of school, learning,” Ziesch wrote in a thank-you to Midwest AgEnergy.

The second recipient is Brooke Goven of Turtle Lake-Mercer High School near Underwood. Goven plans to attend the University of North Dakota to major in Banking and Finance. Goven was incredibly active in high school, while working on her family’s farm and ranch. Two of Brooke’s greatest accomplishments were receiving second at FFA’s State Agriculture Sales and being elected Girl’s State Agriculture Commissioner.

The Midwest AgEnergy scholarships are awarded to promote the continuous growth of the energy and agricultural industries in North Dakota. This is the second year Midwest AgEnergy has awarded scholarships.

Brooke Goven
Turtle Lake-Mercer High School
Macey Ziesch
Pingree-Buchanan High School