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We firmly believe that our employees drive the success of the company. We look for employees that support our Mission, Vision & Employee Values and enjoy working in a continuous improvement environment.

Vision Statement

Together, with our partners, we are building a renewable energy future for the country and bringing prosperity to our communities.

Mission Statement

We provide clean energy for a better world.


  • Are accountable
  • Act professionally
  • Behave ethically
  • Serve customers passionately
  • Communicate candidly
  • Perform safely

Employee Competencies

  • Business focused. Understands the company's business and the impact of individual work, role and contribution to members and company strategy.
  • Communication. Effectively communicates with others by practicing active listening, providing timely, constructive feedback, and the use of diplomacy and tact to work through difficult situations.
  • Continuous learning. Seeks opportunities to increase personal and professional knowledge through formal and informal training.
  • Customer relations. Anticipates and responds to the needs and preferences of internal and external customers by establishing and maintaining effective relationships.
  • Decision making. Gathers necessary information; weighs options and makes quality decisions in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrates values. Promotes Blue Flint Ethanol values through actions and behaviors.
  • Flexibility. Learns quickly when facing new challenges and optimistically approaches change for the improvement of self and the organization.
  • Innovative. Seeks new and better ways to improve through business improvement and investment in technology.
  • Individual performance. Manages time, uses resources effectively, works on the right initiatives and gets things done.
  • Teamwork. Builds collaborative working relationships with others, provides constructive, timely feedback, contributes a fair share of the work and openly shares new found information and ideas.
  • Technical. Develops and maintains the essential knowledge and skills required for superior job performance.