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Growing our Energy Future

The future of energy is “growing our own.” Our Blue Flint and Dakota Spirit biorefineries buy locally-grown corn and turn it into clean-burning ethanol. We create a steady market for North Dakota farmers as we build a renewable, sustainable energy future for our country.

Blue Flint

Biorefining – Continuously Refined
Our Blue Flint plant located near Underwood, North Dakota has been in operation since 2007. Every year, Blue Flint purchases 23 million bushels of corn from North Dakota farmers and uses it to produce over 70 million gallons of ethanol, as well as distillers grains for livestock feed and corn oil for biodiesel production. The plant also provides E85 to retail fuel stations all across the state.

Why We’re Here

We built our Blue Flint plant next to Great River Energy’s Coal Creek Station, North Dakota’s largest power plant, for a very good reason: co-location. Instead of burning fuel to make fuel, we use waste steam from Coal Creek Station to provide the energy needed for our refining process and to dry distillers grains. Our partnership with Great River Energy helps make Blue Flint one of the most cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly biorefineries in the country.

Dakota Spirit

Building on Success
We built on the success of our Blue Flint plant with Dakota Spirit, co-located next to Great River Energy’s Spiritwood Station near Spiritwood, North Dakota. Spiritwood Station was designed for a dual purpose: generating electricity and providing steam for industrial users. This dual purpose makes Spiritwood an ideal partner for Dakota Spirit. Steam from Spiritwood powers our refining process, giving Dakota Spirit the same advantages as our Blue Flint location: it’s cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Ethanol production began at Dakota Spirit in 2015, and the plant now produces 70 million gallons of ethanol a year, in addition to distillers grains and corn oil.

Growing the Local Economy

The building phase for Dakota Spirit created 275 jobs in construction and related trades. Now in its production phase, the plant provides stable, well-paying operating jobs as well as a steady market for area corn producers. We are focused on sustainability, not just for our energy future, but for the long-term success of our company, our employees, our customers, and the surrounding communities.

Growing Agricultural Opportunities

Local farmers are an important factor in our success. In 2010 we built Coal Creek Drying & Storage at our Blue Flint plant to give farmers more flexibility in the timing of their corn sales. The facility can dry 5,000 bushels of corn an hour and has a storage capacity of 1.8 million bushels. Blue Flint benefits from having access to a steady supply of corn, and farmers benefit by being able to choose when to sell their corn crops.


Together, with our partners, we are building a renewable energy future for the country and bringing prosperity to our communities.


We provide clean energy for a better world.


  • Are accountable
  • Act professionally
  • Behave ethically
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